Airborne, the world’s largest series of super-sustainable wind rotating air gardens high in the sky between existing poles at the Les Erdi Plaza, Northbank. With the first installation due to coincide with the opening of the Sustainable Living Festival (9 Feb 2013) further air gardens will be progressively installed every 4 weeks until  the full complement of 8 air gardens adorn the sky of the space, where they will remain till the end of 2013.

They are constructed entirely from Tillandsia plants. These plants photosynthesis at night and take all water and nutrients in through a cell called a Trichome which alleviates the need for a root medium and water reticulation. These works are truly super sustainable which means they can be harvested to create new works every few years. (Most vertical gardens require an annual  20-30 % replant and cost $ to maintain).

Supported by the City of Melbourne through the Arts Grants Program