In 2010, we installed a green roof at our office in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Its purpose was only to add a unique feature to our building. Soon, we noticed that the green roof had improved the comfort conditions in the office far beyond our expectations. We also noticed that this improvement in performance was achieved by keeping the roof well-irrigated. The moisture kept the building cool even when the temperatures outside were close to 40 degrees Celsius. We decided to do more with this idea, and after more than a year of trying different plants, growing media, filter geotextiles, and finding the best drainage layer and waterproofing, we created the right formula. We then launched our green roofs products with the brand name BuildScape. We have also modified our green roof product to offer golf putts on the roofs of buildings. BuildScape now undertakes projects offering green roofs, living walls, bio-walls and auto-watering pots for the Coimbatore market. We have also modified our green roof product to offer golf putting facility on the roofs of buildings. I soon found that birds and squirrels loved the roof and often quarrelled with each other for their share of the green space. I then found myself taking evening naps after work on the grass on the roof. Now, whenever the weather allows it, I take my laptop out to the roof and work from my own private garden. I then realized that I loved spending time on the green roof, so maybe I could start gardening. So, I relieved my gardener of his duties and took the maintenance of the roof into my own hands, which includes composting all our kitchen waste to create manure and the other activities listed above. I am now a part-time business owner, a part-time green building consultant and a part-time gardener.